Materials that describe the road from recovery to revival

Handmade Nameplates on the Door

Handmade Nameplates used at temporary housing.

A donator made these nameplates herself and donated them to the residents of temporary housing, who found it difficult to get to their own houses which looked similar to other houses. At first, she had used scrapped boards out of abandoned chest of drawers, but later noodle venders or other people who had learned about her action offered many wooden plates of Kamaboko(Boiled fish paste is usually sold on wooden plates.) She also painted flowers, birds, etc. on them to make them more heartwarming. The donator, who is also a victim, found herself at peace while painting them. She made about 1.500 plates in a month and distributed them in person to 5000 temporary houses in Nishinomiya.

Material No.

395 - 2001