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Uniform of Orix Blue Wave and Memorial Stickers to Celebrate the Pennant

Ganbarou, Kobe! (Let's do our best, Kobe!) This slogan of the team expressed a wish for reconstruction and encouragement, and it was used everywhere throughout the country, not only in the disaster-stricken Kobe. It became one of the top popular words of the year in 1995. A professional baseball team "Orix Blue Wave"(now Orix Buffaloes) with its base in Kobe printed its slogan on their uniforms and played games encouraged by the enthusiastic cheers of Kobe citizens. It won the pennant of the league for the first time as "Orix" that year. Also in 1996, it won the champion of Japan and became a big encouragement for Kobe which was in the process of recovery. This uniform was donated by Mr. Takashi Yamaguchi (His number was 74 at the time).

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