"Use knowledge, innovation & education for a culture of resilience"

〔Efforts in Hyogo〕

Hyogo is implementing to build culture of resilience based on initiatives to pass on the experiences and lessons learned from the earthquake and promoting opportunities for disaster prevention education in community, school and homes.


Establishment and operation of the Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution (DRI)

DRI was established and has been operated to pass on the experience and lessons from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake to future generations and disseminate the knowledge for disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction based on the disaster experience to Japan and the world.[2002 started and still continues]

  • The national government provided 1/2 subsidies to its establishment and operational costs.
  • In addition to gathering, preserving and exhibiting materials related to the earthquake, DRI is engaged in research activities concerning disaster reduction with dedicated researchers working for the institution, while providing disaster management training to top management and officers of local government.
  • Many disaster victims participate in the operation of the DRI as voluntary staff for storytelling.
Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution (DRI)
Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution (DRI)