"Reduce the underlying
risk factors"

〔Efforts in Hyogo〕

Hyogo is systematically developing social infrastructures to be resistant for various natural disasters and implementing to build disaster-resilient, safe and secure society.


Seismic resistance enhancement programs for buildings

Hyogo is carrying out seismic reinforcement for prefectural facilities, schools and hospitals, and at the same time Hyogo is promoting seismic resistance for private buildings by subsidy systems.

  • Based on the "Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake Resistant Building Renovation Enhancement Project [2007] ", Hyogo has been promoting seismic resistance for schools, hospitals and social welfare facilities used by many citizens.
  • Hyogo has been providing citizens with subsidies for their seismic retrofitting plan formulation costs and actual work costs. At the same time, interest subsidies have also been given to any citizen arranging for seismic renovation work through a bank loan.
  • Hyogo launched a seismic retrofitting assessment committee to assess the seismic retrofitting plans of both public and private facilities, taking into accout building techniques, so that such plans will result in appropriate seismic retrofitting.
Aseismic reinforcement of school (Hyogo Prefectural Miki High School)
Aseismic reinforcement of school (Hyogo Prefectural Miki High School)