"Reduce the underlying
risk factors"

〔Efforts in Hyogo〕

Hyogo is systematically developing social infrastructures to be resistant for various natural disasters and implementing to build disaster-resilient, safe and secure society.


Enhancement of forest conservation and river management

Hyogo has been promoting overall river manegement with the aim of reducing damage as much as possible. Hyogo has been also pursuing initiatives based on a proper combination of self-help, mutual-help and public-help in a well-planned manner towards this aim.

  • In addition to the development of river and sewage, Hyogo formulated the "General River Act" which defined responsibilities of prefecture, municipalities, and citizens. [2012] This act aims to promote to general river management which is combined with disaster prevention management. River management stops outflow by collecting rainwater or infiltrating rainwater into underground.
    Disaster prevention management reduces damage if inundation damage occurs.
  • In order to promote General River Act, "Hyogo Forest Conservation and River Manegement Project for Disaster Reduction" was formulated. [2005]
  • Hyogo divided the prefecture into 11 planning areas and formulated a local comprehensive water control plan for each. [2012]
Sediment control dam (Iwayatani River)
Sediment control dam (Iwayatani River)