"Strengthen preparedness for effective response"

〔Efforts in Hyogo〕

Hyogo is developing various systems for quick search and rescue activities and strengthening response capability through practical disaster prevention trainings.


Support for volunteer activities

In order to support activities for volunteers and NPOs, Hyogo establishes and operates "Hyogo Volunteer Plaza" [2002 started] that have functions of

  • communication and network
  • information service and consultation
  • development of human resources
  • support of funds for activites
  • investigation research
  • Hyogo established volunteer center at disaster-affected areas in Hyogo, maily led by Volunteer Plaza and supported acceptance of many volunteers.
  • After the Great East Japan Earthquake, Hyogo arranged a bus service for volunteers to disaster-affected areas and installed a volunteer information center to provide timely information for volunteers' activities who visited disaster-affected areas.
Miki Earthquake Disaster Memorial Park
Volunteer Information Center installed at Tohoku expressway
(The Great East Japan Earthquake)