Build Back Better than Before Creative Reconstruction

〔Efforts in Hyogo〕

The plan aims not merely to restore the previous status quo but to carry out a slogan of "Creative Reconstruction" adopting a perspective of a society that allows for harmonious coexistence, where people could live in harmony with nature with others, and with their community, and policy and projects based on the plan are developed.


Phoenix Plaza

Phoenix Plaza (the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Recontruction Promotion Center) was opened in Sannomiya where access is convenient. It has been disseminating the status of restoration and reconstruction and became a hub to support life recovery.

  • Exhibit earthquake records and reconstruction plans
  • Provide information useful to support daily life and promote communication among volunteer groups and provide learning environment
  • Establishment of offices for "Earthquake Victim Reconstruction Support Council" and "Phoenix Citizens Recovery Network".[1995]
Phoenix Plaza
Phoenix Plaza