Build Back Better than Before Creative Reconstruction

〔Efforts in Hyogo〕

The plan aims not merely to restore the previous status quo but to carry out a slogan of "Creative Reconstruction" adopting a perspective of a society that allows for harmonious coexistence, where people could live in harmony with nature with others, and with their community, and policy and projects based on the plan are developed.


Rebuilding of local community

In order to rebuild the local community, Hyogo provided "places" and "opportunities" for community activities such as assembly halls, and also established a "key person" system for connecting residents to local citizens and supporters from outside.

  • In temporary housing and reconstruction public housing, Hyogo established a "fureai" (social) center and community plaza, where government policy briefings, consultation services, dinner meetings and handicraft lessons were held for rebuilding community.[1995 - 2004]
  • Hyogo installed "livelihood support advisers" at temporary housing and "lifestyle restoration consultants" at reconstruction public housing. These supporters provided information to meet disaster victims' needs and deliver consultation services while responding to their requests.[1996 - 2002]
  • Hyogo installed local community building supporters as advisors for delivering advice on community building activities and provided subsidies for costs required for developing activity bases and the launch of relevant projects.