Build Back Better than Before Creative Reconstruction

〔Efforts in Hyogo〕

The plan aims not merely to restore the previous status quo but to carry out a slogan of "Creative Reconstruction" adopting a perspective of a society that allows for harmonious coexistence, where people could live in harmony with nature with others, and with their community, and policy and projects based on the plan are developed.


Life recovery of disaster victims

Hyogo prepared a structure for disaster victims to have some"roles"to live for.

In addition, Hyogo carried out monitoring activities for the Elderly and supported the local community in temporary housing and reconstruction public housing.

  • Hyogo established a program called the "Ikiiki (Active life) Workshop"composed of courses about health, gardening and handicrafts for a fulfilling life and organized "Phoenix Relay Market" to support for making friends with other persons through participation to flea market.[1996 - 2000]
  • Hyogo provided learning opportunities and launching costs for starting "community businesses" (small-sized programs intended to meet local community needs such as senior citizens'life activity support). Hyogo also set up the Work-to-Live-for Support Center to deliver support in the form of consultations, learning courses, job placement, and dispatching experts.
  • Hyogo arranged for "Life Support Advisors (LSA)" and "Senior Citizen Supporters (SCS)" and developed the "Elderly Independence Support" to provide a monitoring service in cooperation with local citizens and NPO.
Phoenix Relay Market
Phoenix Relay Market