Build Back Better than Before Creative Reconstruction

〔Efforts in Hyogo〕

The plan aims not merely to restore the previous status quo but to carry out a slogan of "Creative Reconstruction" adopting a perspective of a society that allows for harmonious coexistence, where people could live in harmony with nature with others, and with their community, and policy and projects based on the plan are developed.


Creating a disaster-resilient society

In an effort to reconstruct the urban areas in Kobe and Hanshin area which were extensively damaged by the Earthquake, Hyogo systematically developed wider streets while improving neighborhood parks and other public facilities to build disaster-resilient towns. [1995 started]

  • Urban planning decisions were implemented in two phases. In the first phase, the outline of business districts, main street roads and neighborhood parks were decided. The second phase decided community roads and parks that are closely related to livelihood, based on citizens' consensus-building at citizens-driven organizations called Town Planning Councils.
  • Hyogo developed multifactor synthetic transportation system based on reinforcement of road network connecting with city center and regional emergency management bases, enforcement of function of Kobe Port and maintenance of Kobe Airport.

Land Readjustment Project

Land Readjustment Project - Just after the earthquake
Just after the earthquake
Land Readjustment Project - After completion of the project
After completion of the project